The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights to Make Your House Merry and Bright

Tis the season to string up some colorful LED Christmas lights and bring the holiday check to your entire neighborhood! But, oh no! That string of lights you have had for years now is finally dead. What on earth are you ever going to do now?

Well, I guess it is time to invest in some new ones. Fortunately, I have come to give you the best gift of the holiday season, a list of the top LED Christmas lights outdoor.

Ollny 486 LED 40ft Multicolor Christmas Icicle Lights

These Ollny multicolored twinkly icicle lights are eye-catching, beautiful, and sure to get your home ALL the attention this Christmas season! Don't worry; they are made specifically for outdoor use, meaning they are waterproof, so you can continue to use them during rain, shine, or snow.

With 8 twinkle modes, 4 brightness levels, a built-in functional timer, and a remote control, these LED Christmas lights are perfect for your holiday home!

Ollny 1000 LED 330ft Warm White IP67 Waterproof Christmas Lights

Ollny's warm white LED Christmas lights will surely bring an elegant glow to your home. With an extra-long length, coming in at 330 ft, you can string these virtually anywhere on the exterior of your house. They are fully waterproof, made with high-quality materials, and have 8 lighting settings and 4 bright settings!

Don't just take it from us! Check out what Kimber R. has to say: "If you're the kind of person who likes a really bright classic Christmas look, you'll be really pleased with these. It's a really sleek string of lights, and they're LED, so I know decorating with them is going to be a breeze."

Ollny 800 LED 262ft Cool White String Lights

Do you enjoy a bluer hue to your lights? Then, check out Ollny cool white LED Christmas lights! These light strands are weatherproof, so you can display them outside on your gazebo, patio, roof, and more! Their stylish and quality appearance makes them the perfect addition to an outdoor winter wedding!

The BEST part of these fairy lights is their translucent cord. This means your lights will quite literally look like a bunch of tiny fairies sparkling around your home!

Ollny 200 LED 9.8ft*6.6ft Warm White IP67 Net Lights

Featuring 200 warm LED net Christmas lights, we are in love with the appearance of these! The Ollny warm white LED net lights are becoming a HUGE hit during the holiday season. They are a flawless addition to your outdoor shrubs and bushes!

These lights are waterproof and stormproof, feature 8 lighting modes, and have clear wires connecting each bulb. What we love about these LED net Christmas lights is that they don't just function as holiday lights. We should probably scratch "Christmas" from the name because our buyers LOVE to keep these lights up all year round!

Ollny 400 LED 132ft Multicolor String Lights

Are you looking for classic multicolored Christmas string lights with a traditional green cord? Then, check out our selection of multicolored string lights! Featuring 8 twinkle modes and outdoor proof quality, these lights are a staple for anyone decorating their home for Christmas! Oh, and YES, they are remote-controlled string lights!

Well, now you have a list of the top 5 best LED Christmas lights to decorate your home during the holidays. However, before you make any final decisions, we strongly recommend measuring the parts of your home that you wish to be covered with lights. This will help prevent you from coming up short when it is time to string them finally!

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