How To Decorate For Easter Using Ollny Color-changing String Lights

Don't let the Easter egg hunt be the most exciting happenings in your town on your watch.  Shake up and redesign this Easter for a celebration of The New. Add color, joy and vitality to your atmosphere! We’ll show you some ideas to prepare!

To all of my light-lovers out there, color-changing string lights with Easter decoration is the only way to go. For those new to this, just decide your favorite spring colors to match Ollny’s Easter fairy lights for the prettiest project, quick and easy, and surprisingly unique! Definitely outside the boundary of bland! Take a look. 

Option 1
Product: Ollny 100 LEDs 49ft 16 Color-changing Globe String Lights (SKU: B0928DTSPL)

Unlike unbranded string lights, Ollny’s have 16 color-changing combinations to suite your occasion. They feature 4 twinkle modes, and can be memory-set. The attractive, clear wire is durable and mendable. And all features can be selected with the straightforward remote control. We’ll even include a fresh remote battery for you with all our products. 

See how colorful Easter eggs take a whole new fresh look when string lights are involved with the décor? Extend your vision by applying the lights, around fresh flowers, plants, onto your table setting and in front window decorations too!

Don’t worry, your lights will last and last, and better more, the lights can be used inside and outside. 

Option 2
Product: Ollny 100 LEDs 49ft 16 Color-changing Star String Lights (SKU: B0928HN7P2)

Equipped with 4 lighting modes and a ton of vibrant colors, 16 in fact! See the effervescent blue, violet, yellow, soft green and more spirited springtime colors, so vibrant and gorgeous. 

Let the stars twinkle a warm sentiment for your Easter observance and Easter fun. So much to be happy for, keep looking to the skies! 

For this example, we used our sweet little pink bunny Emily who’s become a part of our family here.

Option 3
Product: Ollny 100 LEDs 33ft Color Changing Twinkle Fairy Lights (SKU: B08G518LF6)

Each LED bulb has a fogged facet; they are really bright but not blindingly so. The excellent LEDs shine a full 360 degrees for a broader perspective, which means you can get by in a dark environment with just your string lights on. The delicate hues, all sixteen of them, will not disappoint. They may be steady-on, or animated in any of the (6) modes. Really Clever.

All of our sets are exquisite for Easter, but did you know they are also ideal for other occasions? Consider using them in nurseries to bring gentle colors to the nursery décor. And even before the baby arrives, use them as creative decorations for the baby shower and/or gender reveal parties. So many options.

Have a peek at all our other decorative lights, certainly, you'll discover something that appeals to you.👉Ollny Lights

We at Ollny wish all of you a very happy Easter Holiday! 

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