Want to Brighten Your Home For The New Spring Season?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how imaginative are you? Well, to stay a step ahead of the curve, we are back sharing easy, fun, creative ideas. Chirping birds and clocks being reset all means Spring! With décor in bright-spring colors and Ollny’s 200 LED String lights, you can usher in the new season in style!

Follow our blog for fresh ideas. Let's get started with this fantastic DIY featuring Ollny's blue and white string lights. There's an extra secret to this one: utilizing cupcake wrappers and the effect is fantastical!

Time required: A quick 10 minutes, and voila!

Items you will need:

Instructions: How to Make Colorful Springtime Strand lights
Note: This is kid friendly, very interchangeable and fun.


  • 1. Using scissors, snip a small hole in the center of a single cupcake cup. Now, to determine the best ideal size, insert one bulb of the string lights into the hole, from the bottom. 

  • 2. Adjust the snip size for the rest of the cups, allowing a snug bulb fit. Try saying that 3 times fast. When the hole isn't too large, your bulb should neatly burrow into the paper cup. 

  • 3. Will you be using more than one cupcake cup design? Then, arrange the different colors and patterns so that no two similar patterns are side by side. Light blue, pink, yellow and green is the suggested springtime theme. 

  • 4. Lastly, use adhesive wall hooks to hang your Ollny string lights in your desired location. You can also drape them across bookshelves, plants, mirrors,  mantels, cupboards, door frames, bannisters, and other such places. There really are loads of places where they could be included.

Are you pleasantly surprised?

The Ollny 200 LED Lights have 11 modes, and it’s really cool how many unique affects you get with the coated paper cups. There are 4 fixed colors to these string lights which are; all blue, all warm white, +2 different mixed combinations of blue and white. Click the link to find out all that these lights can do! 

👉200 LEDs 66ft Warm White/Blue Room String Lights


Tip: Using our lights, you may create beautiful decorations for baby showers, birthday parties, picnics, barbecues, Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations and so on.

Swing ‘round again, we’re always posting fresh and creative ideas! Happy Springtime! 

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