How to Design Window Christmas Decorations with Curtain Lights

Many of us have aspirations of decorating for Christmas in a little different style each year. But, we’re using the same box of decorations that we took down from the attic, or brought up from the basement, and it all seems like déjà vu.

I am happy to assure you, though, that with little skill and a lot of inspiration you can whip up unique Christmas decorations that will blow people's socks off.

With this in mind, Ollny- not only creates beauty and splendor with our excellent technology in lighting, we also provide easy decorating ideas that put a new twist on the holiday season, making it unique and inspiring. We shall truly deck the halls!

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Today, we'll demonstrate how to take your windows from zero to hero in just 30 minutes with Ollny Curtain Lights.

Items you will need

  • 1. Begin adhering the sticky hooks over the curtain rail, or top boarder of your window, working your way down the whole length of your window.

  • 2. Give a quick wipe-down of your window glass to take away any condensation or dust, and then freely adorn the glass with all of your cool decals.

  • 3. Began to unfold Ollny's string lights' main cord line, leaving the individual vertical lights folded. Now, secure the main power line to the hooks at the top of your windows, careful as you go.
  • 4. Start to unravel the vertical wires of lights, which we like to call the branches. Allow the branches to naturally fall from the top.

  • 5. And, now, it’s time. Turn on your Ollny Christmas String Lights to marvel at the lovely display. Completo! Magnifique!

This short project was simple but certainly looks the business. Your window decals will come to life as the lights glitter and dance. You may customize your lights with fun variations, as there are 8 twinkle light modes, and 4 different brightness levels! With the simple remote control, you can set everything to your liking.👉(

We hope your display brings you joy and happiness, as well as brightens the day of everyone who sees your gorgeous lighting show.

By the way, our team would be delighted to hear about your completed Ollny lighting displays. So, until next time, keep your light shining!

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