How to Display Your Photos in a Glowing Diy Wreath

Let us show you a picture display hack that will get your creative juices flowing!

This Photo Glowing Wreath is one-great-make, especially if you use a large hula hoop to create it. You can adorn the hoop with ribbon, or even wrap the ring with beautiful washi tape. After adding photos and Ollny Fairy Lights, you’ll feel so proud of your creation, and will have a plethora of new ideas for using pictures and decorative lighting!

The best set of lights for this DIY project will have 11 lighting modes! It’s almost a guarantee that your photo wall-décor will be gorgeous and exciting.

Let’s get right into it. Time needed: 20 minutes

Items you will need:
  • Ollny 200 LEDs 66ft Warm White/Blue String Lights(B086W444B2)
  • A hula hoop – Size medium or large
  • 12 Photos (Amount can vary, depending on preference)
  • White ribbon, and 1 roll of white string
  • 1 large sticky-back hook, and clear tape
  • Long strips of white paper at 1.5 inch wide
  • Artificial green leaves and 2 flowers

  • 1. First, lay your hoop onto a flat surface, and wind your ribbon on the hoop until the entire ring is covered. Use a piece of clear tape to secure the two ribbon ends in place.

  • 2. Working with your strips of white paper, start by wrapping one strip around the top, edge of the hoop, exactly in the center. Use tape to make sure it’s securely held in place.
Because this strip must reach the bottom midsection and wrap around the hoop, you may tape additional strips of paper onto the first strip.
Repeat this 2Xs more on the left side of the middle strip, and 2Xs on the right side.

(TIP: It's ideal to have the tape connections hidden behind your images rather than having them adjacent to center strip tape, since you'll be staggering your photos onto the strips anyhow.)

  • 3. Now, stick your photos onto the strips of paper, but stagger their placement. Start with taping 2 photos on the middle strip, and continue as shown with 3 photos next, then 2 photos on the outer edge strips.

  • 4. Lay your plastic leaves around your hoop, spacing them evenly. With your white string, wrap your leaves in place completely around the hoop. Add your accent flowers here you like.

  • 5. Your Ollny 200 LEDs Warm White and Blue String Lights are to use now. The reason for this choice of color is that the blue and warm white set a mood that’s distinctive, and exhilarating. They’re not Christmassy, or valentines’ colors, but they render an enjoyable atmosphere, sort of like movie theatre or marquee vibes, with adventure, pleasure and escapism mixed together.
So, wrap your 66 feet of clear cable lights around your hula hoop! Start at the bottom of the hoop and with the first bulb, after the 3 meters of extension line. Secure the lights in place with just 2 or 3 bits of string.

  • 6. Have you decided where you’d like to hang your gorgeous glowing wreath? Adhere your sticky-back hook to the wall then hang your wreath upon it. Plug the lights in and turn them on. Bamb! Yup… You did that!

Did you know these lights have 4 fixed coloring choices - all Warm White, all Blue, and 2xs Mixed blue and white. You have to see it. There are 11 Modes that you can set; Slow Fade, Flashing, Breathable, and In Waves are only to name a few.

Ollny 200 LEDs 66ft Warm White/Blue String Lights


If you're a novice crafter like me, or an amateur to serious DIY crafter, you can try any and all of our DIY decorative lighting projects. See our other blog posts. And if you have a creative lighting concept, we'd love to hear about it.

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