Learn How to Make a ‘Love and Light’ By Curtain String Lights

What the world needs now is more Love and Light. Love is an action word, and it needs to be engaged like a switch. With tons of things going on around us, sometimes we need to be reminded of love, and integrate things that keep love active, living, and fresh. Because it may be just what another person needs to see.

Let me show you this one idea combining Love and Light, to change the atmosphere, the mood, intentions, and perspective.

Time required: around 15 minutes for this LOVE and LIGHT feature display.

Items you will need:

Note: These Ollny Curtain String lights have a clear color cable wire, so it won’t look christmassy but still really elegant. They’re charged by USB, which eliminates need for plug leads to reach power sockets.

  • 1. First, decide where you want to hang the gorgeous curtain lights. Determine how many lines (or branches) of lights you want to drape down. This set contains ten strands of lights, each with 30 brilliant LEDs.
  • 2. Begin placing your sticky-back hooks at the top of your wall in a sequence that corresponds to the number of branches you've decided.

  • 3. Unravel just the main line of your Ollny curtain string lights at this point, leaving the branches retained for hanging ease. Then, hang this main line horizontally across your wall using the adhesive hooks, adjusting as necessary. When you're satisfied with the spacing, unwind the branches and see how beautiful they are, even when the lights have yet to be switched on.

  • 4. Next, using freehand- or a template, cut your construction paper into as many heart shapes as you desire. You could mix colors, sizes, or types of paper. And if you have a cutting machine such as Cricut or Sizzix etc, joyfully crank out those symbols of love until you have enough.
  • 5. And now, stick the paper hearts onto the wall with a small piece of double-sided tape at the back. Some heart shapes, made with a little fold-over tab at the top or sides, may be added to the lights. They are LED and safe to touch while on, won’t overheat and so putting the paper on the wire is fine.

Our Curtain lights will have eight (8) twinkle modes, and four (4) different brightness levels!

  • 6. At last, turn on Ollny curtain fairy lights and enjoy your work!  This display is easy to make and it's worth the time. Light up the joy of life; that's the ultimate goal of Ollny.

Ollny 300 LEDs 9.8ft X 9.8ft Warm White Curtain String Lights (B07RGNXDJB)

Unlike most decorative lights, ours will come with a remote control, free battery, and instruction. Your lights will last and last, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Ollny 300 LEDs 9.8ft X 9.8ft Cool White Curtain String Lights (B07RDP67JK)

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