How to Make a Chic Memory Collection Display in under 30 Minutes

It's nice to amass a bundle of items that reflect your personality and unique interest. It doesn’t matter whether you're a serious collector or a casual stasher, it’s safe to say many of us have belongings we wish to display every so often.

Allow me to show you how you can impressively set your items on show. From a few Disney salt and pepper shakers, to coins from your European travels, or your favorite football team mugs or ticket stubs, there are lots of goodies that you can gather together and reveal.

Let us know what you've assembled after finishing the project.

Because this project is so flexible, you can change up your display in an instant. All the while you can maintain a specific region as your showcase. I’ll guide you through the process step by step.  

Making a Memory Collection Home Décor Display
Items you will need:

  • 1. Using an electric drill, make 4 holes in the wood plank, one hole at each corner.

  • 2. Cut 3 strips of your hemp rope, each strip should measure 35 inches.
  • 3. Pass one line of rope down through the front left side hole and tie a knot underneath the board. With the other end of rope, do that same on the front right-side of the board.
  • 4. Using your second sting, repeat step 3 for the back left and right-side holes.

  • 5. Tie your 3rd sting to the front corner holes but let the rope drape underneath your board.
  • 6. Stick 2 adhesive hooks close together onto your wall and hang your display shelf on the hooks, balancing the board perfectly.
  • 7. Glue pom poms to all the rope and put your collection items onto the shelf.

  • 8. Finally, wrap your strand of Ollny string lights around the draping rope and the entire shelf, then turn the lights on.

WOW! This really looks great. The 100 LED lights cooper wire is decoration itself, it’s light and dainty, and the bulbs on it are pretty and evenly spaced, safe to the touch and won’t overheat. It’s power-charged by USB, so there’s no wall plug extension hanging from it. And it’s 33 feet long! That’s amazing because it’s not the usual short strand that require those flat Lithium batteries. You get so much more with your Ollny set.  

There are 11 lighting modes to the cooper wire lights. Can you believe it? Eleven modes including Slo-glo, Flash and In Wave. These are the color changing lights that incorporate multi-color and warm white. They feature 4 different brightness levels, and 3 different timer settings, so you can make your display light up at the same time every day, for example. 

I hope this quick and fun DIY project has inspired you to create amazing fairy light memory collection displays!  And you can keep changing your memory objects as often as you wish.

100 LEDs 33ft Warm White/Multi-Color USB Fairy Lights


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