How to Make a Shimmering Photo Wall Design

Making a shimmering photo wall design is easy once you know how, and we have the best instructions you’ll ever need. Even though this is a do-it-yourself design, the finished product would resemble those large, expensive picture frames, and many of them don’t even come with light! Add Ollny’s fairy string lights to your home décor.

You can incorporate all sorts of images into this project, which is a wonderful thing about it! We’ve gone with a romantic theme here; however, you're welcome to choose any theme you’d like. I’m sure you’ve got a box full of old photos to hand, or print some recent pics straight from your computer. Make the most of your magazine clippings, or your wish-list images also. 

Shimmering Photo Wall - Warm white christmas room string lights

Follow my quick and easy technique and you’ll boss this showstopping display in no time! (Well, maybe in a fun 20 minutes.)

Items you will need:
  • Ollny String Lights
  • 20 Photos as similar in size as possible. (Photo amount can vary, depending on how big the heart shape you wish to make)
  • 20 Sticky-back Hooks (Ideally, it should equal your number of photos, but it can be slightly less.)
  • A roll of double-sided tape, or any other type that you can fold over on the back of your photos.
Shimmering Photo Wall -  items
  • 1. To begin, choose a subject matter for which you'd want to collect images. A few examples of possible themes; sporting events, holiday destinations, style trends you wish to try, pics of your celebrity crush, decorative notes of your goals for the year, children’s school photos, your sweetheart, meals you’ve eaten at restaurants, or wish to make, and so on.
  • 2. Place strips of double-sided tape on the back of your imagines or notes, then stick them on the wall in the shape of a heart. You could try other shapes also, such as stars, rectangles, etc!

Shimmering Photo Wall -  step -2

  • 3. Take your sticky-backs hooks and start placing them around the outer perimeter of your photos, always with hooks curing upwards. With your Ollny 200 LEDs Warm White/Blue String Lights you’ll get astonishing effects by adjusting the mode and color combinations.

Shimmering Photo Wall -  step -3

  • 4. Now, the most exciting step…Plug your 200 LED lights into a wall outlet, then begin to drape the clear lighting wire over the wall hooks, keeping going round until the end of the wire.

Shimmering Photo Wall -  step -4

There are two main colors to your lights: blue and warm white. And there are 11 lighting modes for you to choose from! This gives you additional options. The modes are combination/ fixed warm white/fixed blue/ Mixture color steady-on 1/and 2/ Slo-glo/Breathing/warm white slo-glo/blue slo-glo/Flash/In-wave.
All your setting preferences are selected by using the remote control or the button on the power supply.

Shimmering Photo Wall - Warm white christmas room string lights

This glowing photo wall design is simple to create and will undoubtedly be one of the most appealing areas in your room.

Shimmering Photo Wall - Blue christmas room string lights

Let's do this so that positivity shines brightly and never fade from our homes.

👉 Ollny Fairy String Lights

See you next time with more fun and inspiring lighting ideas! 

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