Keep the Romance Alive with Rose Fairy-Light Bubble Balls.

Why not give this romantic decorative rose to your sweetheart, or to yourself!

It’s a rose with fairy lights in its own bubble, so it can really inspire curiosity. Isn't it gorgeous? It’s a hit all year round, not just for Valentine's Day as you'll discover. Creating several of these using Ollny Fairy Lights will stimulate passion and wonder, or just a big heap of old-fashioned fun.

Start by gathering the items you’ll need for the awesome DIY Rose Lit Bubble Balls. 

Items you will need:

  • 1. Pump up 4 magic-plastic bubble balls with 4 artificial roses inside of them. An inflator helps perfectly with this, allowing you to wrap your finger around the opening as you pump the air inside.
  • 2. Now, tightly tie the opening with the white yarn to ensure no air leaks out, at the same time start imagining what further occasions to display fairy light bubble balls. Two special times are birthday parties and wedding receptions!

  • 3. Wrap your beautiful Ollny fairy lights around each bubble 2 to 3 times. Did you know that there are 16 different colors in our 200 LED fairy lights?

  • 4. Tie frilly ribbon around the yarn and the light wire ends. This elevates your bubble balls to a whole new level. For extra added fun, do make 7 colors appear at the same time when you choose the lighting mode "chase flash". There are 6 Modes in total with these 200 LED fairy lights!

  • 5. If desired, make additional glowing bubble balls to arrange in one area or throughout the home. Clear tape can be used to secure them where you’ll place them.
  • 6. The fairy lights around the bubbles create such a beautiful effect, and even more so when you set the bubbles on top of glass vases or bottles, or display them inside empty plant pots, fishbowls, or on decorative platters and plates. Anywhere is perfect.

Your lights will come with a very convenient remote controller that you can use to schedule the light display because there are 3 different timer settings to suit your need. Check out Ollny’s 200 LED Fairy Light details to learn so much more about their cool features.

👉200 LEDs 66ft 16 Colors Color Changing Fairy Lights


Happy Crafting, and we’ll see you next time with more awesome decorative lighting ideas.

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