Ollny Curtain Lights Review

Lighting is one of the unsung heroes when it comes to boosting your mood indoors and outdoors, such as on the patio. Using the correct light and brand product is equally as important as the light itself.

Usually, led lights are popular for their ability to create a unique ambiance and mood for your environment. However, picking the right kind of light can be challenging. Fortunately, we have researched and identified some reasons why Ollny Curtain Lights are perfect.

1. Suitable Length and Perfect Spacing

The physical construction of the Ollny curtain twinkle lights is their unique quality. That is because the makers of this light have gone to great lengths to ensure it offers value and quality. Specifically, you will find two main types of light with this proprietary design including:

  • 200 LED 6.6ft*6.6ft+ 9.8ft extension core.
  • 300 LED 9.8ft*9.8ft+ 6.6ft extension core.

The spacing between the curtain fairy lights is exceptional for various reasons. It helps improve the light distribution and the physical appeal of the lights.

The spacing between the two strands of the 300led one is about 0.98ft, and the 200led one is about 0.66ft. Each spacing is 0.33ft between two bulbs. These measurements are based on evidence-based research by the Ollny brand.

2. Quality Construction and Flexible Charging

The next notable feature of these curtain string lights is the materials and the quality of charge power they can provide. These led curtain lights feature copper wire and soft rubber. These cables are easy to move around corners and obstacles in your space.

While these twinkle light curtain are easy to maneuver, there is no compromise on the power quality provided. The material is also durable and free from issues like tangling. You will also find it easy to bend the wire to suit any shape, and this is perfect for setting up lights in compact spaces.

3. Low Voltage & More Safety

You will also be pleased to know that these lights can deliver low voltage while guaranteeing high-quality light. The low voltage makes these lights efficient and suitable for long-term usage.

The lights also feature eco-friendly wire, and will never be prone to issues like overheating. Moreover, the lights can also charge at 5 volts, meaning they are safe to use at any point - even if you have kids. With an IP44 waterproof rating, these lights are suitable for use in moisture or even rain environments.

4. Appealing Light Shape

Aside from providing high-quality power and lighting functionality, Ollny lights also have an exceptional shape. These room decorative lights will instantly boost the appeal of any space setting. Many people refer to Ollny curtain fairy lights as having the same appearance as dripping water.

Its a uniquely designed light based on hours of research and consumer feedback. So, it will make a good impression where you decide to perform the installation.

5. Convenience By Remote Control

Ollny brand has taken things further when providing value to their customers. That is because this light features up-to-date features that make your life more convenient.

These bedroom decorative lights feature up to 13 key remote control switch that supports up to eight modes. So, you are always sure of a light that is easy to use and customize to suit your needs. You will also have up to four brightness levels, which the light lets you customize based on percentages.

6. Wide Usage & Easy installation

Designed to be dynamic, Ollny curtain lights for bedroom are suitable for different applications. The dynamic design of the lights makes them common additions in porches, patios, yards, weddings, bedrooms, and various other settings.

They are easy to install, and blend well with various components in your space. Making things better is the fact they are also easy to install DIY. You won't need a professional if you have the right DIY tools.

Click on this link for more information on installation.

As you have seen, Ollny brand provides curtain twinkle lights that have various user benefits. They are easy to install, durable and appealing. Visit this link to shop for yours today.

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