Ollny Lights New Release- G40 Series

There are new lights ready for release, and this guide identifies all you need to know about them. The hotter months are almost setting in, and outdoor settings like the patio and backyards are becoming good places to relax.

The Ollny brand recently released the G40 series lights this month. While these led string lights are still new, this guide has an in-depth perspective on their benefits and features. The design of these led fairy lights comes from several hours of research and consultation with Ollny light experts. Here are the features and benefits that the G40 series lights guarantee:

1. Durable and Weather Resistant

The first feature on the list of preferences for most light users is durability and weather resistance. It's why the G40 outdoor led lights feature an ETL listing and IP45 rating. It's a rating that can withstand weather elements like wind, rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

The design of the outdoor string lights is also made using heavy-duty plastic. So, you are free from glass shards and are sure of a light that guarantees longevity.

You can easily set these patio lights up outdoors or indoors without any hassles. You will also find they are suitable for use during your absence. You won't need to remove and store them because they offer longevity and weather resistance. The only key to enjoying this benefit is to ensure you set up the patio string lights correctly, and this should be a simple process.

2. Connect up to 750ft

End to end functions are important when you want lights that you can set up easily outdoors or indoors. It's why the Ollny brand has created the G40 Lights series outdoor string lights to support up to 30 sets of connectable lights.

You can set them up for as long as 750ft, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. They also come readily integrated, making these lights suitable for beginners without experience setting up several lights.

Aside from brightening your outdoor spaces or serving as camping lights, these party and patio lights also strand easily on different settings in your property.
You can also use them for functions such as bistro or café lights. Your guests will be impressed by the presence of the light and the immense amount of work required to set up the patio lighting.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the other crucial factor people must consider when investing in suitable lights for indoors and outdoors. It's why the outdoor led lights are suitable for your light decoration or set-up needs.

The bulbs work with 1W and convert more power into light energy when functioning. While these lights are highly energy efficient, they stay cool, making them perfect for indoor use.

The Ollny brand has also shown through a recent report that the lights can help reduce an exceptional 95% electric bills when compared to incandescent bulbs. You will also have lights that provide over 15,000 hours of lighting time and convenient maintenance costs. You will also notice these lights provide longevity, especially after a few months of usage, and they will be with you throughout the year's seasons.

So, are you looking for high-quality, durable lights to add to your outdoor set-up? Ollny G40 Lights series provides different lengths including 25ft, 50ft, 100ft and 150ft, meeting all your needs for outdoor set-ups.

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