Ollny Lights New Release- S14 Series

The Ollny brand is famous for producing different types of lights, with the ones made for the spring and summer months being unique. These are the latest types on the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult if you are new to them. Fortunately, this article will provide insight into the new Ollny patio lights, which goes by the name the S14. We will also add some lights to make this more descriptive:

1. Energy Saving

Unlike the traditional lights, the S14 is different because it provides exceptional 90% energy-saving benefits. Energy saving is one of the main priorities many light owners have today. This is one of the main reasons the Ollny lights are designed to provide energy-saving solutions.

It can also last longer and makes it easy for users to introduce more lights to the home. These led string lights can also offer a longer shine all summer without leading to electricity bill issues. We recommend you learn more about using these patio lighting resources for the best results.

2. Weatherproof and Shatterproof Designs

Ollny lights are suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors. They are suitable for both settings because they have an IP65 waterproof rating.

It means these led fairy lights have undergone industry rating standards to ensure they can resist exposure to moisture or contaminants like dirt. These outdoor led lights also have durable plastic structures that make them durable additions to your property.

3. Ease of Setup and Connectivity

Have you ever struggled with setting up outdoor string lights or connecting them as required? Well, the S14 lights are different. These lights feature designs that have the end user in mind. They are yard lights that come with integrated hanging rings on each socket.

It's a feature that makes these outdoor string lights easy to hang from locations like roofs, and it's easy to do so. Each of these lights also supports an end-to-end connection, which can support over 20 easily installed lights.

Applicable Scenes

Here are some of the applicable senses where you can set up the S14 lights:

1. Set Them Up On Your Outdoor Patio

The Ollny lights provide high quality and exceptional light, with the brand makers giving it a unique 2700k rating. The lights also connect end to end, making them perfect for outdoor settings.

2. Install Them on Fences

Designed to be durable and easy to install, the S14 lights are also set up easily on fences. The S14 led string lights have over 25 bulbs, ideal for fences requiring high-quality illumination. The lights also feature durable plastic, so there are no longevity issues that you might experience.

3. Add Them To Your Backyard

The S14 patio string lights are extra long; you can also set them up in your backyard. These outdoor led lights are simple to set up, and you can use them to make events like picnics or family gatherings a convenient process.

You only need to correctly set these party and patio lights up for the best backyard illumination results. Remember to set up the patio lighting somewhere they are visible and can make the best impression on your guests.

Ollny S14 outdoor patio lights have a diverse length that you can invest in for your property. These include the 25ft, 50ft, 100ft and 150ft ones. Each of these patio string lights is durable and supports end-to-end connections – making it perfect for outdoor and indoor settings. Get Ollny S14 Patio Lights now! 

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