How to Make a DIY Curtain Lights Backdrop

Curtain lights are an excellent choice when addressing your interior design goals. Aside from having a unique appearance and complementing the value of your space, they also produce quality light.

However, making a DIY curtain lights backdrop can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. Fortunately, this guide identifies all you need to know and more:

Here are the resources you will need for this process:

  • Curtain rod
  • Clear shipping tape
  • Curtain lights
  • Role of white tulle fabric or sheer curtains
  • Clear shipping tape

(PRO TIP! The string lights length required depends on the width and length of your curtains plus the lighting effect you expect.)

Here are 4 steps you need to follow below :

Step 1. Pick Your Space

Ensure you locate the ideal spot for setting up your led curtain lights as the backdrop for your decorations. It's substantial, primarily when you use the curtain lights as a backdrop for items like photos. The space you also pick has to be close to the wall plug for installation.

Doing this ensures that creating all the unique shapes and designs of curtain lights is a simple process. You must also pick a space free from traffic, like pets or children.

Step 2. Install Curtain Rod Brackets and a Curtain Rod

The next step involves hanging curtain light backdrops using a curtain rod. One crucial aspect of this process is installing the curtain rod bracket as required. Fortunately, the types of curtain rod brackets on the consumer market are immense.

So, finding a product that suits your preferences is simple. Once you set up the bracket, remember to get the right light support structures. Remember to set your preferred curtain rod into the bracket; it should be ready to set up the rights.

The curtain rods you pick should also be durable and accommodate the average weight of your curtain rod brackets. We recommend experimenting with different techniques before settling on a particular curtain rod design.

Step 3. Hang the Tulle or Curtains

This step involves hanging your tulle, a type of netting made using tiny gauge threads. It is then netted using a hexagonal pattern that features small openings and works perfectly for setting up curtain lights. You start by cutting the tulle so that its suits your preferences. Next, drape it over the curtain rod, and play around with it until you get the perfect curtain rod fit. We recommend you repeat this process until you get a design that blends well with your internal space. Remember that the more tulle you use, the more blurriness of the light will become.

Step 4: Hang Lights

The final step is to hang the led curtain lights, and though this seems simple, you need to do it correctly. It involves setting up your Olllny 300LED Curtain String lights over the curtain rod. You must use small pieces of clear shipping to tape so the curtain twinkle lights can sit stable on the right platform.

Remember the end section of the string lights on the floor, and place them close to your wall plugs for the best results. You will then drape the lights over the rod and set them back on the floor so you can gauge the progression of your design. Remember to space the lights evenly on the rod for the best results.

It is possible to use decorative lights indoors and outdoors, but only when you have the correct settings for the best results. Ollny curtain lights offer various sizes and colors that are USB powered, which can be more convenient.

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