Summer Decor Haul 2022 | Summer Decor Ideas

Summer is here, and many of us are looking forward to all the fun things to do to take advantage of the warmer weather. And along with the heat and your vacation plans, your home should also suit the colors and sights of the season.

Take the opportunity to redecorate your home for the summer, especially if you’re inviting family and friends for a party or a gathering.

To help you give your home a summer refresh, we’ve compiled simple and fun decor ideas that will infuse a fun, joyful, and comfortable atmosphere into your interiors.

1. Introduce Floral Sheets

One of the easiest ways to integrate bold summer decor is to change out your bed sheets and linen. A floral or leafy duvet set will instantly give your bedroom a gorgeous summer vibe and the cozy atmosphere of a summer garden.

The fun thing about bedroom linen is that there are many decor styles to choose from. You can buy as many sets as you want and change them out every other week or so!

You can also use floral design accents for your pillows, baskets, and other decorative items in your bedroom.

Integrate florals into your kitchen linens, too! Your breakfast nook or dining table can easily become part of your summer decor.

2. Fill up Space with Plants and Flowers

Put potted plants and flowers in your empty corners to liven up the space. Indoor plants can add so much brightness to any room, and you can enjoy a taste of your summer garden even when you’re far away from the sun's glare.

Be mindful about where you place flowers and plants. If they need a lot of light and fresh air, put them near windows. Keeping your plants healthy will give your home a more natural and positive vibe.

Plants enhance mood, so adding them to your summer decor will also improve your well-being!

3. Brighten Up Your Living Room with a Patterned Rug

Much like bed linens, a patterned rug is another easy way to change the entire look of your space. After all, a rug serves perfectly as your living area's centerpiece or focal point.

Quickly brighten up your living room and bring a lovely summer vibe with a patterned rug with bright colors. Choose a design that shows off your personality and favorite decorating style.

4. Try Summer Scents in Your Home

Another way to create a summer feel is to add summer scents to your interiors. You can use candles with tropical and citrus fruit scents to complement the room decor. They can serve as decor pieces, too—yellow, white, or light green wax match the fun energy of the season.

You can also use room mists and humidifiers with floral and citrus scents for your bedrooms and living area. These will liven up any room and give it a refreshing vibe.

5. Add Lighting

Nothing screams summer aesthetic louder than LED string lights indoors or outdoors. It is one of the easiest ways to create a gorgeous summer vibe for a gathering with family and friends.

You can use LED fairy lights for your living room lighting or opt for Ollny 400 LED Warm White String Lights along the walls, the edges of your porch, or even in your garden. They will give any space the atmosphere of a summer night out and easily create a warm and inviting mood. These lights with 8 lighting modes easily switched via remote control.

Celebrate Summer With Your Home Decor

Summer is the best time to give your home a refreshing makeover. After all, summer gatherings are better when your interiors suit the look and feel of the season.

We hope these decorating tips spark ideas to give your home comfort and coolness on long and hot summer nights. For more summer decor inspiration, check out our blog!

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