5 Ideas and Tips for Summer Home Decorating

Summer calls for so many activities inside and outside the house. In warm weather, people have so much energy to expend, and one of the best ways to do so is by giving your home a summer makeover.

Your next home improvement project need not be expansive to make an impact. Adding simple furnishings and accessories to your living room or bedroom can easily create a fun, tropical vibe to your interiors that’s perfect for the summer.

Create a refreshing atmosphere in your home by making it a vacation home for you. Here are five ways to decorate your home and turn it into the summer getaway you’ve always wanted.

1. Add Striped Pillows to the Sofa

If your sofa is a monotone color with no designs or patterns, it might be a bit monotonous, especially during the summer. Adding new throw pillows with fun, geometric patterns and vibrant colors is one of the easiest ways to add a dash of summer to your interiors.

Blue stripes are reminiscent of the sea, and these accent pillows on your living room sofa can give the area a fresh and vibrant atmosphere!

2. Put Boho Furniture in Your Living Room

If you love a vintage aesthetic and you want to add an eclectic air of whimsy to your summer decor, then Boho furniture is the perfect addition to your home. This style centers on organic materials and natural elements that you can mix and match however you want.

Weave chairs and baskets, as well as linen and sheets made with natural fibers, are some of the easiest ways to incorporate Boho design into any room. You can install these new accessories and furnishings to evoke summer days in the country or on the beach. The Boho style is the perfect way to express your personality and character!

3. Install Curtain String Lights in Your Home

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As much as summer activities can be fun and exhilarating, some days, you just want to stay indoors to take a break from the heat. But sitting inside your house and enjoying the blast of your air conditioner doesn’t mean you have to lose the summer vibe!

You can level up your indoor summer gathering or just simple me-time by installing curtain lights along your walls or ceilings to illuminate your interiors. With LED fairy lights or string lights, you can quickly create a sparkly ethereal mood on a hot summer night. A fun aesthetic room with LED lights is incredibly charming and comfortable.

Ollny Curtain Lights have eight lighting modes that you can set at four brightness levels to create various atmospheres with a quick click of the remote button!

4. Replace Your Old Bedding Set

Once the weather turns and summer brings in warmth and humidity, it’s best to change your bedding to make it easier to fall asleep at night. Your heavy, cold weather sheets would not be comfortable at all.

Opt for lighter fabrics with beautiful leafy or floral designs for summer decor that’s practical as well. This small change will dramatically alter your entire bedroom’s aesthetic, so choose wisely!

5. Put a Rattan Storage Basket in Your Bedroom

Using natural and organic materials for your summer decor will give your interiors a tropical atmosphere and mood. Materials like wicker and rattan are stylish and give off gorgeous beach vibes. The texture and feel of these natural materials also give your decor a ton of character and make your personal space much more inviting.

Summer Home Decor You Cannot Do Without

Your home summer makeover doesn’t have to be extensive; these five time-saving ideas are incredibly easy to infuse a vacation vibe into your interiors.

For more summer decoration ideas and tips, visit our blog!

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