Transform your walls with this DIY Lights and Pictures Display

Color Changing fairy lights directed by remote control is the must-have home accessory as seen in many home magazines. So have you wondered how to achieve the magazine look without spending an arm and a leg?

First, let’s reveal the main secret that stylists are implementing. Youtubers, video/podcast streamers, interior decorators, and home décor magazine set designers are in on it too. They are using colored lights. 

Sometimes you can not detect when background sets are being reused, because decorative lights are applied. This ushers in an entire new re-vamped, revitalized, atmospheric effect. 

Ollny has many different types of indoor, (and outdoor) lights, from fairy, twinkle, curtain and wall hanging lights, globe and star shaped lights, outside garden solar lights and more; this states the obvious. But we want to show you how, even with this one DIY project here, you can change the entire look of a room.

Let’s Use Ollny 200 LEDs Fairy Lights. 

Create This DIY Lights and Pictures Display in Under 30 Minutes

Items you will need:

  • 1. Double the strand of your LED fairy lights. Then, starting with the mid-section of the wooden stick, begin wrapping the middle of the wire strand along the stick so that the wires cascade on both ends.

  • 2. Tie a string at both ends of the stick to keep the lights in place, but make them long enough for hanging the string onto wall hooks. Jump right in to place both adhesive hooks on your wall as high as you can, then tie the strings onto the hooks. 

  • 3. Cut 5 long pieces of string, then space and tie them onto the stick as shown, allowing them to fall down your wall. 

  • 4. Take your delightful photos and tape them to the hanging strings.

For this crafty example, we used our popular clear-wire fairy lights, this bright and reliable décor lighting looks gorgeous even while not illuminated. Imagine when they are turned on! 

Tip: If your photo’s wish to spin in the wind, a great tip is to add another photo to the back of each one, so it wouldn’t matter if they twirl. 

  • 5. Turn on your Ollny 200 LED String Lights! (Best step in the instructions) Do you see what we mean? For your ambient pleasure there are 11 different Modes to choose from. 

This is just one DIY craft project, but the main fact is the atmospheric change. The warm white color is comforting and cozy, and you can be ever more cozy adjusting the dimming feature. 

And the blue hue of your lights is inviting and exciting. It sort of gives you that feeling of walking into a movie theatre with your popcorn and the excitement of what’s about to go down! That type of thrilling blue.


When decorating the home, lighting is everything, and different colors please the eye. For a change of the mood, and to accentuate comfortable areas, add Ollny to your home. You’ll see. 

Happy Spring Everyone!

You can check out our range of lighting at where you’re sure to find many styles to your liking.

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