How to Make the Perfect Easter Decoration: Colorful, Twinkling Easter Eggs

DIY decorations for Easter should be fun and easy to create, and this simple Easter garland is indeed the perfect holiday craft.

Whether crafting with kids, making yard décor, or designing for an event, these fantastic outdoor string lights in the shape of Easter eggs will have everyone in awe!

There’s only a few items required for this Ollny LED String lights Easter decoration, but get started asap to give the gluing some time to dry. Ready to start getting crafty?

Creating Colorful, twinkling Easter Eggs with Ollny String Lights.

Time required: two days

Items you will need:

  • 1. First inflate your balloons to 3Xs the size of an average egg and seal with a knot.

Then pop on plastic gloves if you wish and use your paint brush to completely cover one balloon with your fabric glue.

  • 2. After this, wrap your yarn all around the balloon as shown. Now, begin to apply the glue on top of the yarn until it’s completely saturated. Repeat the yarn-and-glue step to the remainder of your balloons, and allow them all to dry for 24 hours. 

  • 3. Next day: When yarn is completely dry, carefully deflate and remove the balloons from the dry yarn.
    Tip: Yarn must be totally dry so to keep it’s egg shape after balloon is extracted.

  • 4. This Easter decoration idea is amazing with the Ollny Outdoor LED String Lights, which are fairy globe outdoor color-changing lights, 16 colors in fact. They are amazing as patio lights, garden décor and for Easter party decoration.

So, grab a hold of your fairy globe string lights and start to insert a single bulb into the top of each yarn egg. Change the string light colors with the remote control and watch the beautiful show.

    Hang the LED String lights on the patio, under the eaves, on outside guardrails in front of the house, outside walls and many more places. The bright spring colors of the Easter lights look so lovely, and there are 4 Twinkle Modes which can be memory set. 

    Your Easter yard decoration would be the talk of the town. Don’t worry, because the Ollny Sting lights are IP44 Waterproof and USB powered, making it all the more convenient for you to enjoy. 


    If you’re looking for more ideas for using Outdoor and Indoor decorative string lights, Ollny have plenty of ideas to share, and a great range of decorative lights.

    Happy Easter!

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