How to Install Curtain Lights: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Curtain lights are one of the loveliest string lights out there; the feeling of coziness and comfort that they bring to every outdoor or indoor space is unmatched.

Curtain string lights twinkle like the stars at night, and that's what makes them magical and beautiful. Today, I will guide you on how to hang curtain lights, step-by-step. So buckle up and get ready!

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Items That You Will Need

So, the first step is to collect all the tools that you are going to need for this small project. Check the list of tools below:

  1. LED curtain lights: of course, first we have the star of our show.
  2. Hooks.
  3. Zip ties or twist ties.
  4. Cable ties or adhesive tape.

5 Steps to Install Curtain Lights Easily

Installing curtain string lights consists of five simple steps.

1. Plug-in and Test

Whenever you buy something, you always make sure it’s working. LED curtain string lights are not an exception. After you buy it, plug it in and test for any defects; sometimes some bulbs might not be working. If there is such a thing, then you need to know about it before you start working.

2. Plan Your Layout

Choose the area that you want to display the curtain lights, then decide how you want to place them and which design you want to go with.

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3. Hang The Lights  

Now it's time to hang the lights. Firstly, attach the hooks either to the ceiling or to the wall. After that, insert the main cord into one end and pull it along to the other end, but don't pull too tightly! You don't want to damage those curtain string lights before they even get to shine.

4. Adjust The Lights

After you have hung the main cord, you can start releasing the vertical strands; untangle any knots. You can adjust the branches or vertical strands and place them in the way that suits your taste.

5. Enjoy Your Decoration 

Finally, Turn the lights on and enjoy the beautiful twinkle of your curtain string lights!

Ollny’s curtain string lights can be placed literally anywhere. Here are some placement ideas:

  • Bedroom: inserting Ollny’s curtain lightsin your bedroom can make your nights more peaceful, as curtain lights can have a calming effect.
  • Living Room: adding Ollny’s LED curtain string lightsto your living room can make it more inviting.
  • Walls: if you have an empty, bland wall, you can use Ollny’s curtain lights to decorate it.
  • Windows: another nice idea is to hang Ollny’s curtain lightson windows.
  • Outdoor: Ollny’s LED curtain lightsare suitable for outdoor spaces such as yards and backyards. With an IP44 rating Ollny’s curtain lights can withstand the weather and are waterproof. You can hang them on trees or use them as a backdrop for a lot of events, like weddings and parties.

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What makes Ollny’s LED curtain string lights suitable for all of those occasions is that they are IP44 waterproof, they come with eight moods that you can switch between easily using the remote control, and you can adjust the brightness according to your liking or the event that you are hosting. There are four levels of brightness: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.


Hanging curtain string lights could not be easier. Collect your tools, test the lights, plan the layout, hang the lights, adjust them the way you like, and then enjoy. Ollny’s LED curtain string lights can make your home look more aesthetic, comfortable, and pleasing. If you are looking for a stunning look, then try Ollny’s curtain string lights.

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