How to DIY a Fairy Dream Catcher Light

Don’t get trapped in bad, funky dreams. Make yourself a beautiful dreamcatcher to trap those dreams on the spot!

Keep NIGHTMARES at bay with the Fairy Dream Catcher Light. In Fairyland, it captures terrible nightmares and destroys them when the sun comes up.

The feathers serve as a fluffy, pillow-like ladder that softly transports happy dreams to you while you peacefully sleep. They provide you beautiful dreams every night while also beautifying your space with soft fairly lights. Really cool.

Attached with Ollny 200 LEDs Color Changing fairy lights, this amazing dream catcher sparkles like magic. I’ll show you how to create one now. It’s so fun to make!

Making the Fairy Dream Catcher Light
Approximate time needed: 1 hour
Items you will need:
  • Ollny Fairy Lights
  • An iron wire loop ring
  • Several feathers
  • A ball of ribbon or yarn
  • White string cord

Note: If you don’t have a loop ring, strong wire such as a wired clothes hanger, bent into a circle will work brilliantly.

  • 1. First, start by winding your ribbon or yarn around the circular iron wire, ensuring it’s wrapped tightly. You may glue or tape the ends in place, and it’s ok if some sections are wrapped irregularly.  That can make it look more rustic.

Top Tip: You can braid the ribbon or yarn first, to make it thicker and therefore faster to wrap the wire.  

  • 2. Next, cut 10 strips of white cord, each 30 inches long, give or take. Then with your iron ring laid flat, loop each string around the outside rim of the circle, evenly spacing the strings outward. Because you can use any sized ring, this freestyle method works best. Just make sure you have 10 evenly spaced strings around your wire. Now, tightly triple-tie each string onto the wire.  

Tip: Should anything start to shift out of position, use whatever you have on your table to hold your strings and wire in place.

  • 3. Center one of the doubled strands at the top of the ring, in front of you. Divide the string by placing one strand to the left and one to the right. Taking the neighboring 2-strands on the left side, divide them and tie one strand to the visiting string. Tie it again to make it taut and very secure. Head back over to the top home sting in front of you, and have that string visit the 2-strands on it’s right side. Divide those strands, and tie one of them to the visiting left string. 

  • 4. Circle around the entire ring following this divide-and-tie method until your dreamcatcher is completed. Once you’ve reached the center, you can tie as you see fit, and make a center knot. You may use the leftover strands to head back towards the iron wire, interweaving the strands as you go. Tie and knot. And tie several feathers beneath the dream catcher.

  • 5. Grab your Ollny 200 LED string fairy lights and wrap them around the iron ring. Turn the lights on and have a great dreamy night with your awesome fairy dream catcher lights!  Our lights help to create a soft atmosphere, and the lights will make your atmosphere pretty and add extra lighting in dark places.

There are 4 Mixture Colors- Steady On and Speed Adjustable.  There are 4 multicolors, they are different colors and each multi-color could be steady on. If you want to make your decoration more colorful, you could choose these 4 multi-colors for your dream catcher.

With 64 Modes and 10 stunning colors to pick from, you'll have plenty of options each night. We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

👉 Ollny Fairy Lights

Your package of fairy lights will have 1× fairy light, 1×Remote Control,1×battery for the remote, and 12-MONTH CUSTOMER SUPPORT: With Ollny fairy lights you'll get 12-month friendly customer service and 24 hours email response.

Enjoy the magic of Ollny lights! 

Please, let us know how your creation went in the comments below?

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