Recycle Used Badminton Shuttlecocks to Diy Sports String Lights

Sports season is brimming! You can feel it in the air. Many of us have taken to swinging a racket about, from devotedly to maybe a few times over the years. Would you have any pre-loved shuttlecocks stored in your games cupboard? If not, go ahead and get’cha some, because you’ll adore this.

See our tutorial below for the step-by-step instructions for making a really cool lighting display. It can make us, looking forward to outdoor sport again (when the frost decides to subside!)

We’ve taken plastic badminton shuttlecocks, sometimes called birdies, and paired them with Ollny’s amazing 200 LED String Fairy Lights. The color and pattern effect it creates, strung across the wall, is outstanding.

Note: This DIY craft can also be made using rattan wicker balls (link to rattan balls blog), small origami boxes (link to other blog) and paper cups (link to blog 6).

How to make sports string lights
Time required: 30 minutes

Items you will need:

  • 1. Give a quick clean of your dirty birdies! Haha. If using pre-loved shuttlecocks, they might require a tiny scrub, but of course, you may use new birdies, as this projects is well worth using new ones too.
  • 2. With a good pair of scissors, pull out each rounded cork (or rubber base) completely from all the feather crowns, and dig out the excess inside, but doing so in that the rubber bases can fit somewhat snugly back onto the feather crowns, as in step four.

  • 3. Now, still with your scissors, carefully make a small opening into the top of the feather crown, large enough for a single bulb of your Ollny string lights to squeeze inside of it.

  • 4. Next, fit a bulb of your Ollny String Fairy lights inside the opening at top of your feather crowns. Freely choose what portion of the light strand to use, depending on how many shuttlecocks you have.

  • 5. Replace all of the corks (or rubber bases) back onto the feather crowns and turn on your lovely lights. You will see the fun colors and patterns created when you hang your fairy lights upon your wall using the 2 sticky-back hooks on either side.

Walla! A DIY Sports String-Lights Display!

Your Ollny lights will have four (4) blue and warm-white color variances, and 11 lighting modes! And you can direct them all with your easy and simple remote included.

👉200 LEDs String Decoration Fairy Lights (Warm White/Blue)

This DIY creation is a fun and easy method to boost sports excitement so it can be featured in a variety of places, including the living room, bedroom, gaming room, school locker rooms, gyms, tennis and badminton courts, and other recreational facilities, to name a few.

We hope you enjoy your creating with Ollny!

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