How to Make a Glow-Ball with Ollny String Lights

Creativity can turn a common set of sting lights into an art piece.

With Ollny’s color-changing lights used in this DIY crafts project, a glowing translucent effect can be created in just under 20 short minutes.

This fairy light décor project is a great one to craft for a birthday parties, garden get-togethers, school proms, a summer splash or any other fun-time event. Let’s get making!

Items you will need:

How to create a fairy lights aesthetic using Ollny decorative string lights
  • 1. With the blade of your boxcutter, carefully cut an X on the bottom of every cup, creating a small opening.

  • 2. Next, begin to staple your cups together as shown in the picture, and continue until you have one complete circle of cups. This we will call ‘the round.’

  • 3. Now that you have the hang of the stapling part, keep it going. Lay more cups into the gaps of the round, securing with staples as you go, and continue until you actually have half of a completed globe.

  • 4. Remember those Xs cut into the bottom of your cups? Well, use them now to insert a single bulb of your durable string lights into each of the openings.

The string lights wire is transparent so won’t look weird inside of the clear cup globe, and the lights are commercial grade, low wattage, bright and gorgeous and safe to use, not hot to the touch. They’re even waterproof.

This 198 LEDs strand of Ollny Color-Changing String Lights have a whopping 8 single colors, and 64 dynamic modes! You can set them to a timer, all via the straightforward remote control.

  • 5. To finish your amazing Glow Ball, repeat steps 2-4 until there’s two half sides, and finally, combine the two halves into one fantastic Glow-Ball!


Ollny String Lights are the best. We stand behind our product 100% and love bringing you new and fun ideas for all the ways that you can use them. String lights are not just for Christmas.

How are you using your Ollny lights today! Have you discovered all the things that they can do? Just to name a few, they can Fade & Jump, Asyn Fade & Asyn Jump. You will really be impressed.

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