Top Three Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Chances are you’re looking forward to Spring and Summer more than ever. We all need to bloom, shine, and really show our truer selves. So let’s get ready! 

Ollny teamed up with some of the freshest, most forward-thinking, and enthusiastic online Sharers we’ve seen. To call them ‘influencers’ sort of distorts what they’re doing, because they’re sharing with us their creativity, ideas, lessons, and tips. We’re thrilled to show you these super, outside-the-box designs of theirs, to not only inspire you, but to show you what’s possible. 

Reliable. Beautiful. Relevant. 

The Sharer:     @mydarkhome

Here, her decorating style is no doubt romantic and cozy. The warm glow of the star shaped string lights lend pep, fun and dazzle to an inviting, untroubled and comfy space.

    Goes without saying, Warm White Curtain Lights aren’t just for curtains. I can’t imagine her garden pergola without her beautiful lights. Wow! Really practical lighting, yet with an upbeat vibe and entertaining ambience. I can see friends and family coming over, barbeques, football and birthday parties, all types of fun to really entertain her visitors. 

    The Sharer:     @designermumetc

    How would you describe this style, when incorporating decorative lights around the outside of a she-cave cabin? Well, I’d call it super awesome! I love how she included those beautiful, large plant pots. The unrestrained styling is extraordinary, she added a whole new addition to her house now. 

    The 100% commercial grade bulbs are bright -and waterproof! They are 66 feet long, and can be extended up to 3 light chains max, so 198 feet total! So inspiring 👉 200 LEDs Warm White Fairy String Lights (B07FTFFTS6)

    Thinking creatively beyond the norm. The fairy lights on the trees look extra sparkly because of the clear color wires instead of the traditional dark green ones for Christmas trees. I would love to lay underneath the fairy lights and relax on that big, lavish bed. A glass of red, and a good book? You get the idea. Ultra-magical. 

    The Sharer:     @______theo

    This Sharer’s decoration style is easygoing and comfortable. Both warm white and cool white match her decor style and they are really fabulous! Yay, no matter what style your home is, Ollny can always cater to your needs.

    The doorway to the balcony draws you in as the lights lead your eyes to the focal point. And there’s plenty of lighting length to drape the lights around the doorway, and even a huge stack of books! There are Eight (8) Lighting Modes and four (4) brightness levels, easily changeable via the remote control. So, change your moods with the modes!

    Adorn your books, wall pictures, even extend the lights out onto a balcony if you wish, because they are for outdoors as well. Multifaceted!

    A big Thank You to all the Sharers being their authentic, creative selves, giving us insight, inventiveness, and inspiration!

    Share with us how you’ll use your Ollny lights, and we could be featuring your rooms and spaces next! Check out even more décor designs through this link:

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